Agile IT systems

Providing our clients with an ARCHITECT’s know-how in IT systems,

Offering businesses an EFFECTIVE use of new technologies and more specifically, service-oriented architecture (SOA)…

…for aligning your IT system and your BUSINESS PROCESSES.


A shared vision

Our consulting expertise is tailored to different stakeholders’ standpoints on IT systems. IT consutancy is not a matter of mere slideware mass production but rather means translating between the different worlds derived from the standpoints of the stakeholders. Our experience includes the modelling and control aspects of EAFs (Enterprise Architecture Frameworks) and our “faciliting” ability.

How better to illustrate these issues than by implementing SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)? From a project management, organisation, studies, integration, deployment, or even production standpoint, SOA has an impact on these different worlds mainly through the introduction of automated business processes (to a greater or lesser extent). It ensures better coordination between the fields involved.

A shared SOA vision is a time-saver as the teams are guided when setting-up the procedures for modelling, governance, implementation and reuse.

Enhancing the IT system value chain

In a business context in which the flexibility of IT systems must always be achieved at the lowest cost possible, our clients receive prime advice thanks to our expertise based on our extensive experience. Our services cover the entire value chain for IT systems:

  •  IT system architecture consultancy in organisational, application-based, logical and    technical areas; 
  •  Improvement on the software production chain, configuration management the  organisation of software workshops on implementation, integration and deployment  in line with the aims of the IT system...